20. april 2007

Half a year later... it's a girl (one month old)

Our wonderfull daughter Pernille was born march 11.th 10.57.

There is nothing more to say right now- than I love her.... :-)))

Here she is one month old, and I believe she tries to smile at the camera.. no it is only stomachache and not a smile jet... my night sleep is ofcourse ruined and my arms are most of the time occupied holding her- but anyhow - we love her...

while I was pregnant I did manage to be a bit crafty- but not at this site..
here is what I managed to photograph during the winther

Red patchwork hearts for christmas, inspired by the "sew i knit" projects

a small pin cushion as accessoiry for my knitbag

I painted and made some new shelves for this old cupboard, so it's now function as a nursingtable in the room of Pernille.