28. juni 2007

spending a bit of money

I just ordered the pattern "Egtved". I look forward to recieve it, though I'm not going to knit it right now... have to find the right yarn ...

a small knit bag

take a look at my knitbag at the sew I knit site

23. juni 2007

made by mom

a cotton crocheted summerhat and a pair of trousers made of old bedlinen fabric with a nice print

11. juni 2007

3 months has gone

It's hard to understand that our lovely daughter now reached the age of 3 months.. she is laughing and very interested in her surroundings, she recognize us and some of her small toys... here she is sleeping- the weather has been so hot the last week- and that demands a good long nap sometimes..

lovely saturday with old friends

Dennis had to work all day- the weather was fantastic, and Pernille and I visited my old friend Mette from 18 years ago for breakfast, lunch and coffee.. her family was sent out shopping- and we had a lot of talking to do, sitting on the terrace in the shadow all day..

Here it's Laura holding Pernille, and mother and daughter watching whats happening in the garden- Jørn was blowing up the swimming "pool"..

5. juni 2007

rib rab - gauge nr. one...

As you see I finished a gauge for the top "Rib Rab"- it didn't work out well... with a needle nr. 3 I have only 32-33 rows on 10 cm and needs 40 rows... vertical I knitted 26 stiches with 3 knit and 3 purl- and I need 27 stitches.... I wonder if a 2,5 needle will fix my problems- but the rosewoodneedles were wonderfull with the yarn- so I have to buy some more of them..

4. juni 2007

candy eye monday

peones in my garden- only one flower from the plant I planted last year- wauw I love the colour- morning shot..