21. juli 2006

working at home

No telephones to answer at the office yesterday, and I have the possibility to get on the "intranet" from home- and my car had to get fixed too, so now I'm prepairing to get started working- made a cup of coffee, and picked up the bouquet of the garden today... That's the best part of living in a house instead of a big city appartement...

19. juli 2006


here is some pic's of the crocheted flowers and some from my garden- I love them..

a lovely weekend

My friend Jeannett visited so friday afternoon we visited downtown Esbjerg for shopping- we didn't buy that much, all though the summersale was started.. i saw some shoes I surely have to come back to get soon.. but not for sale..

Saturday we went with the ferry and the bikes to Fanø where there was a craftmarket and where the nature of the danish westcoast is the finest.
We visited a craftshop were Jeannett rediscover her old knittingskills.

I bought at book about vintageknitting:

And sunday we mostly spend on the terrace crocheting flowers and took a walk along the beach with the dog..

13. juli 2006

waiting for the mailman.... and planning the holliday

A week ago I ordered these items at Isabellas so now I just wait for the mailman to show up.. then the mosquitoes will be keept away, the laundry be carried out to dry, and the dirt from the dog be sweeped away in the new dustpan... I'm usually very satisfied with the products from this netstore... and it will be the birthday present for my self this year....

I found maps and started to plan our holliday in the northern
part of Italy. Last year we ended up at the Garda lake because
of heavy rain in the Alps. It was surprisingly nice, and not so
turisted and "Kitch" as we thought it would. And there was a lot
of possible walks in the mountains around the beatyfull sited

Check this out to see some of the walkingroutes...

I'm so much look forward to get out off the everyday routine and see some other horizonts for a while...

11. juli 2006

raining ...

tuesday, its raining, and work is boring...
In the evenings I am knitting a bit, want to take some photoes to show of my work- have to find out how to work on my links to ongoing projects.
And have to publish some of the weekendpictures too- of the living on the terasse :-)

The second top is moving forward- but not fast- I'm worried that my sewing machine will stop - it was not looking the best- last time I used it... hm.. let's see how it it works..

I looked at some of the other blogs from "sewiknit", and wonder where you get the time to do that much knitting- and blogging too- or is it only me who is too tired in the evenings and work for too long (my man would explain it that way)....
have a nice day anyway!

6. juli 2006

dead crab parade

Our evening walk with the dog ended up with theese photos of some of the dead crabs,

and the last and only one who didn't reach the parade :-))

The sunset was so nice that even "Rynke(wrinkle)" our dog enjoyed it:

testmail from work

I'm testing how I can mail to the blog!!

here is the link to my firm..


have a nice day!

news from the most wonderful summerweather

i should be working, but have to tell about the nice danish summer- we are sitting on the terrace in the warm evenings- the temperature at 18 o'clock was yesterday 35 degrees celsius- and we were not the only ones visiting the ice-cream booth after supper. And our dog is not so active as normal- nice now we are able to keep up with her...
And old friend (very pregnant- only 2 weeks left) and her almost 2 year old girl visited us. Nice to see her after 7 months gone with only a few telefonecalls.
After I moved out of Copenhagen more than 2 years ago my social life went down a bit- or perhaps we are all to busy working and nursing the familylife. 7 years ago we were all single girls, making stuff together.
But life right now is nice although- and I have more time for creative activities- and love my man :-))and our house, perhaps I'm growing up...

now working is waiting- the phone allready rang once- i will be back with more about my projects-
right now I'm taking care of the garden- watering is the easy part....